Rituals Connected to Tarot and Oracle Card Readings

Updated: Aug 24

I'd like to comment on various rituals and routines many readers adopt prior to delivering Tarot and Oracle card readings. Have you heard that you should wait for somebody to buy you a Tarot or Oracle deck before using it? Can anyone see the problem here? What if nobody ever buys you one? Doh! Or... what if you don’t like the deck? I absolutely encourage purchasing one's own cards. In this way, you can gauge how you feel about the deck and whether or not you sense it will resonate with you. Please note, I am not discouraging buying a deck for someone. It is a beautiful gesture. I received an Angel Answers Oracle deck as a surprise gift and I love them! If anyone does feel a desire to buy me a deck, bring it on! On some level, I feel I gain something from every deck, even if it is not a "favourite".

Some people wrap their cards in black cloth or place them in a special bag. I used to do this and think it's a very personal touch and shows respect and love for your divination tools. Each to their own. There are no rules to this. Nowadays, I either keep them in their original box (unless it falls apart!) or let them sit freely.

I love how readers adorn their tables with all kinds of beautiful crystals, table cloths, incense and pendulums, to name a few. One of my dreams is to transform a spare bedroom and create my own spiritual haven. I love the red pendulum in the picture below. Pendulums are a curious divination tool and I will make some comments in a future blog.

Asking for white light protection for a reading provides a barrier between the reader, the client and negative energy. I feel it also assists in diplomatic delivery of potential "bad" news. Another way to cleanse is leaving your divination tools out under a full moon. I adore the mystical atmosphere of the moon. Truly, one of the beautiful celestial bodies.

I like to ask spirit to help me deliver an accurate and helpful reading. Meditation is a great way to calm your mind and “talk” to your angels, guides or whatever celestial beings you believe in. Hey, it can feel like talking to yourself at times but “they” know we are conversing with “them” and that’s all that matters! In my experience, no reader is 100% spot on. This would make them perfect and nobody is perfect, right? Before you ask, no, spirit does not provide lotto numbers!

A lovely way to cleanse your cards or create a scented atmosphere during a reading is to burn incense. Perhaps be cautious if you have sensitive smoke alarms! There are many delicious flavours of incense. Is that what you call them? Flavours? I've always loved Lavender.

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