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Guidance from Tarot and Oracle Cards

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Before I start, I wish to stress that the following views are my opinions only and are not to be construed as fact or advice. I am simply sharing my life experiences with you. How does Tarot work, you may ask? I have to say I have no idea but somehow it does. How’s that for a duck and weave answer? I don't believe Tarot takes away our free will. It does not and should not have that power. I do find however, that if the Tarot displays a future pathway, it’s almost as if the person’s soul is compelled to follow it. Or fate dictates that the path is something which cannot be changed as it is necessary for one's spiritual growth. We love to be in control, don’t we? I have news for you!

I sought a reading 2 years ago regarding a desire to travel to England to meet a romantic interest. The outcome was the 10 of Cups which basically means happiness and fulfillment. The romance reflected that for a short time but then broke down and I suffered a wittle heartache. Yes, bring forth the violins please! If the reader pulled a few clarifying cards, this break down most likely would have appeared. That didn’t happen and I believe I was meant to have that experience for my soul to learn from it.

I urge you not to fall into the trap of becoming addicted to Tarot. If you read for yourself, give the reading time to manifest and resist the urge to keep pulling cards on the same question. Trust me, I’ve fallen into this trap. Patience is not my friend! For instance, if you select a card in a “near future” position, allow it time to play out so you can gauge what time frame “near future” means in your readings. People sometimes ask how long my readings take to come about. I’ve found time frames can vary depending on the reader as spirit feeds readers in unique ways. I have no doubt I often pull the Temperance card for myself as spirit oh so lovingly attempts to teach me some patience!

Whilst the traditional meanings of the Tarot are a treasured guide and certainly, for beginners, a great place to start, the pure beauty of the cards is the layers and nuances of interpretation. This is where the reader’s intuition comes to the fore. My experience in interpreting the cards has led me to surprising conclusions that have impressed both myself and the recipient.

Prior to a reading, I ask the client if they have any particular questions they desire me to focus on. This can dictate which deck I use. For example, if the question is about romance, I may use the Romance Angels Oracle cards. If the question is more general, I usually start with the Rider Waite deck, which is a very traditional deck and great for beginners to Tarot. Sometimes, the client is happy enough to just allow any messages to come through from spirit. A general reading can sometimes raises issues of which the client was not consciously aware or didn’t think important.

I clarify certain cards in the spread with other decks. I trust my intuition to decide on the decks. If I’ve allocated enough time for a reading, I usually start with a Celtic Cross spread. It is apparently the oldest Tarot spread. I love it because in addition to presenting past, present and future energies of a situation, it can also delve into a person’s conscious and unconscious mind. I am by no means invalidating the guidance of shorter readings, such as a past, present and future spread, however the Celtic Cross delivers a deeper picture. At times, a client just wants short, sharp guidance. Each spread has its unique way of conveying spirit’s messages. A reading can be as simple as pulling one card to answer a yes or no question.

I don’t tend to pull any punches in my readings. If the Death card shows, for example and I feel it is a physical death, I will say so. Life is about cycles, good times and bad times. If you are scared of bad news, don’t have a Tarot reading. Some may disagree with this approach, but I am reluctant to lie. That goes against my ethics. I exercise diplomacy and empathy at all times. Having said that, if the client seems like an emotional wreck, I may go easy on potential negative news. I am not here to cause undue harm!

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