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Tarot Readings

The Celtic Cross spread is apparently the oldest Tarot spread and I love how it reveals past, current and future energies. In my readings, you can pretty much ask any question you like. I delve into career, finances, love, relationships and more. It’s important to be aware that an outcome in a reading doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a forever situation. Life is cyclic in nature and whilst an outcome may last a long time, many situations evolve or end to allow new beginnings and spiritual growth.

I conduct readings via Facebook, WhatsApp, Zoom or email.

Genie tarot cards

Do you want to know if that certain guy or gal likes you? Do you need guidance as to whether you should try a career change? Do you want to know if you will score your dream job? Is a family member giving you grief and you need to know how to deal with that energy? Are you interested in exploring your own spiritual direction?

Allow me to assist you in finding the right guidance and insight into your life!

I like my readings to be interactive and encourage input from you! I love it when clients ask questions and display interest in the cards. They have many layers of interpretation which is why I love them so! My friendly nature lends itself to connecting with people of all backgrounds and I guarantee you will feel respected and listened to.

3 of cups tarot cards
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