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friendly tarot reader Nundah Brisbane

Affordable, friendly, genuine Tarot reader

Genie tarot reader Nundah Brisbane

Hi, welcome to my web site! It's a pleasure to have your company. I hope you will give me the opportunity to read for you with my beloved Tarot, Oracle and Angel cards. I have over 20 years' experience delivering friendly and genuine readings and am constantly delighted by the insight provided by the mystical cards. Please check out my blogs to learn more about me and my spiritual journey.

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About Genie Tarot

I was introduced to Tarot at 31 years of age. In fact, I discovered my own spirituality after years of labeling myself Agnostic and not really believing anything in the supernatural realm. Although I often pondered the universe, I lived in a 3 dimensional world. I now believe our souls incarnate into a physical form to learn lessons for our highest good.

In my opinion, Tarot doesn’t negate any belief system. It is independent of Religion, although many frown upon it. Tarot doesn't judge or discriminate and neither should a genuine reader! I find the Tarot provides insight into situations in your life, of which you may not consciously be aware. The Tarot can also provide guidance on how to proceed in a situation, or what kind of energies are blocking or enabling your progress.

I provide genuine readings to the best of my ability and look forward to interacting with you. Meeting new people and being allowed to enter their lives, albeit briefly, is a privilege I take very seriously.

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Jeannie did a love reading for me and within a few weeks, I met my boyfriend, right down to the star sign! I am so happy. Thanks, Jeannie!


 I was confused as to which job to apply for and Jeannie encouraged me, through her readings, to follow my dream. I am now in a role which I love and earning good money.


Jeannie displays great insight and interprets the cards in a way everyone can relate to. Her friendly nature helped me feel at ease and I enjoyed the experience. 

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